Your car works for you

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How it works

Start today and earn an extra monthly income

We protect your vehicle

You get rental insurance to cover any possible damage to the vehicle or to third parties.

You decide the price and the availability

Set your rates and the availability of your vehicle by days, weeks or months.

Decide who will rent your car

Drivers are rated by users and you have transparent information about them. At the end of the day, you decide who you rent to.

Your SocialCar income

Every month we transfer the money you’ve earned through your rentals into your account.

Three ways of earning money with SocialCar

Rent out your vehicle from home

All you need to do is liaise with the SocialCar drivers to rent your car out from your home. It’s that easy.

Offer a delivery service

Earn an extra money by offering home and/or airport delivery and expand your rental opportunities.


Automatic opening system. Earn money without leaving home. Put your car to work for you.

Register your car today

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Need help?

Peer-to-peer carsharing is something new. So maybe you’d like a bit more information.

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