How to rent a car with SocialCar

Your ideal vehicle awaits

Find your perfect vehicle

Need a car for a work trip? A 4x4 for a weekend away? A van for moving house? A camper van for an adventure? We have thousands of vehicles to choose from.

Make a booking

It takes just a few seconds to register and you can then request the vehicle you want. Remember that you can request several cars at a time.

Hit the road with peace of mind

Arrange to meet the owner to get the keys and start driving. Don’t forget you have insurance and roadside assistance.

Return and rating

Replace the amount of petrol used, return the vehicle at the agreed time and complete the rental agreement. Thank the driver for the good experience by writing your review on the website.

1 Registration & verification

Register on the SocialCar website, using your email, Facebook or Google account.

2 Bookings & payment

Choose a vehicle, the date and time of rental and send your request. The rental will be charge once the owner will accept your booking.

3 Everybody’s insured

Every booking on SocialCar is covered by our insurance policy.

4 Collect the keys

Meet the owner and collect the keys.

5 Returning the vehicle

Return the car to the same location where you picked it up.

6 Petrol

Remember to replace the petrol you’ve used.

7 Give us your opinion

SocialCar is a community, a network based on trust which you can improve by giving your opinion after the rental period.

Why hire with us?

Free membership

You only pay when you rent a vehicle, not for membership of SocialCar. There are no membership fees.

Smart savings

Save yourself the cost of owning your own vehicle and rent one for below market rates. There are some great cars from 20€ a day.


Rent it from wherever you want and in any town or city in Spain. Our network is growing all the time and we get to the places that others don’t reach.

An insurance policy for each rental

All our vehicles are covered by an insurance policy tha’s been specially drawn up for rentals between private individuals.

24/7 roadside assistance

You get roadside assistance and personal customer service in any emergency.

Rent when you want

Rent by the hour, day, week or month. Any day of the year, 24/7.

Care for your environment

Sign up for smart, sustainable transport. Help reduce CO2 emissions by using a car that’s already out there.

You’ll feel good

Sign up to a network you can trust which shares resources among people. There is something special about the sharing economy, and if you try it, you’re sure to use it again.

When can you use SocialCar?

When a bicycle isn’t enough

So you like riding your bike and taking public transport? We do too. But if you occasionally need a vehicle, just remember that we’re here to help.

When you need space

You need extra space to help you move house? On SocialCar you can also hire vans and camper vans.

When adventure awaits

Fancy a trip to the mountains? Are you visiting a new city? We’re sure that SocialCar can help.

When you want to impress

Pick up your date in a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW. Special occasions deserve special cars.

When you’re not sure whether to buy

What does your ideal car actually feel like to drive? Get your questions answered before you buy, by hiring one for a few days.

When you need it for work

Trying to get to a work lunch that’s far away from the office? Do you need to pick someone up at the airport? SocialCar helps you at work.

Let your dream car come to you

Search for cars with home delivery

Ready to begin?

If you’re looking for a vehicle to hire or you want to hire yours out, it takes just a few minutes to get started. Registration is free so why not start using SocialCar right now?

Sign up for free

Need help?

Peer-to-peer carsharing is something new. So maybe you’d like a bit more information.

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